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Here is the castings for the Polished network. A new network for the most fabulous blogs. Join the clique where everyone is a precious polished gemstone.


-          Must be following the admin (add link)

-          Must reblog this!

(likes will be ignored but you can like for bookmarking)

Looking for:

-          Active and fabulous blogs

(any blog types are welcome!)

-          Friendly bloggers

-          Those willing to help fellow bloggers

(with html, promos , voting etc.)


-          Many new followers!

-          Meet amazing people.

-          Get help in html, promos and voting etc.

-          Loads of network promos.

-          Be a part of this rad clique

For a higher chance:

-          Talk to me (insert link)

(so we can know each other better!)

When you make it

-          I will email you the link to the network

-          Promos and meeting new friends shall begin!

Selecting 15-20 fab blogs to join this network when I’m happy with the notes.


Hanan   c: